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Dr. Christopher J. Chen

As today’s healthcare environment has become a collection of large offices in corporate practices, the Pacific Bone and Joint Clinic retains an individualized feel delivering truly personalized care while still offering the most advanced surgical treatment options. Each time you schedule a consultation at our office, you will be treated by Dr. Chen, rather than by physician assistant or a nurse practitioner.

At Pacific Joint & Bone Clinic, we believe that knowledgeable patients make the best decisions about their own treatment. We want our patients to understand their condition and how various treatment approaches can improve or treat the problem. When we consider treatment alternatives, we present a realistic outlook on the results we can achieve. We’ll also be frank about any risks that might be involved. If a non-surgical option is available, we will explain that avenue in depth and always attempt that first. If surgery is an option, Dr. Chen is a fellowship trained total joint specialist and utilizes the latest surgical techniques and enhanced recovery protocols, often allowing for shortened hospital stays or sometimes 23 hour outpatient stays for total joint replacements.

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About Dr. Christopher J. Chen

Following his fellowship training in adult joint reconstruction, Dr. Chen moved to Berkeley, California in 2002 to begin his orthopaedic practice. As a result of his background in biomedical engineering and extensive clinical experience, he has developed an expertise in total hip replacement and total knee replacement surgeries, as well as knee arthroscopy.

Dr. Chen is a pioneer in the Bay Area for the Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement surgery, first utilizing this method in 2005. The anterior approach is a minimally invasive technique for total hip replacement which requires no postoperative restrictions and can offer a less painful recovery and a faster return to normal activities than the traditional total hip replacement. He also uses computer assisted technologies for total knee replacements, which can improve the accuracy of implant position. He works closely with his hospital to help develop and implement enhanced recovery protocols to minimize postsurgical pain, shorten hospital stays, and optimize outcomes.